Then, we started thinking about how these forms could be clocks. I had the idea that there would be a plinth with clock hands that were both semi-cones. I made a foam model before going forward. 
I decided to construct the final clock base from yellow foam. I 3D printed the hands and began to sand and apply Bondo them to get them smooth. 
Then, I Spray painted each part with flat white paint. 
The final product was achieved
Every hour and five minutes, the clock hands line up to perform a circle at the base. When the hands separate, the clock wobbles. The intention of this clock was to appear as a sun dial. It's form would belong on a desk and there is no indicator for a specific time, however the clock itself shuffles around the table. So when the owner leaves leaves and comes back to the clock it is in a different place every time. A subtle hint at how much time may have past since they last worked at their desk.
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